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I arrived like James Bond in my BMW E30

by admin

My car had been a little bit banged up after it got stolen but it was still driveable (the theft happened back in the spring of 2013). It was missing the front lip, front shocks where worn out and the front bumper was missing a piece, but it was still driveable.

The following summer (2013) I was driving to a friend of mine for some barbeque. I was cruising down the road with music blasting in the evening sun with my smile reaching all the way to my ears because even if my car was a bit banged up it has a special place in my heart as I have gone through a lot in life together with the car.

Was happily cruising in my BMW E30 in the evening sun feeling like James Bond.

Back to the situation, picture in your head, happy with a smile reaching to my ears and cruising down the road in the evening sun and I see a speedbump, an easy mellow speedbump, I slow down and go up on to the bump easily and just let the car roll and then I hear a bang… the oil sump had hit the road when I came down over the speedbump as the shocks didn’t, well absorb as much as when they where new. I looked behind me through the mirror and saw a thick black line being painted onto the road. Luckily I only had a couple of hundred meters to go so I decided to continue.

About 200-300 meters later I arrived at my friends place and turned the car around and parked the car. My friend was laughing so hard as I had made an entry, not a regular entry but an entry with a hugh bang accompanied with oil tire slick and smoke screen that James Bond had in the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger. What can I say, arriving like James Bond.

The famous speedbump. As you can see it is not to sharp and not high. The shocks of the BMW E30 were just so worn that it was to much for it, even at a really low speed, just couldn’t handle it.

The E30 James Bond style oil slick after the speedbump.

My BMW E30 nicely parked after I made an entrance to the scene like James Bond.

The cracked BMW E30 oil sump.

A closer look where you can clearly tell where the BMW E30 oil sump hit the road coming down the speedbump.

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